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Creating a unique perspective for a companies products is an intriguing challenge for me.  I know the result has hit a home run when the client is seeing their product in a new way.  My focus revolves around the outdoor industry or products used therein.  Take a glance at some past work and reach out to me if your interested in working together on a project!


I have a passion for clean, beautiful design.  When working with a client I try to engage their creative side, embrace their style, and yet push away from the ordinary.  The result should be inspired by the clients character, yet still surprise and enlighten.

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Macke Fitness


For this project the client wanted an updated design along with the ability to add content. The overall objective was to provide the client with a space of credibility.


A custom training section was developed for the purpose of describing the services the client was able to offer.


The final piece to this project was to put together the clients bio section, which included the portrait shot assets.  Training on how to use the website was included and has allowed the client to post information related to their services.


Professional Site V1.1


Although I have built and consulted on many web site project, there is nothing like the adventure of creating your own space on the Internet. This initial design was built as an informational site for everything about me. I created an original, full screen template for the Joomla content management system.


The benefits of building an original template for any system may outweigh the trials and tribulations…nothing like learning by doing. However, several aspects of this design did not pan out how I wished. I also believe the workflow of creating an original template is not efficient and necessary for every situation.


The space allowed me to present my resume in digital format for anyone to see.  I also was able to create a portfolio of some past projects.  Finally, I included links to the ever important social media portals.  Overall, this was a good project for me that increased my knowledge and confidence to provide a respectable site.


Kristin needed an update to her original professional site.  The old site was using outdated technology that was not compliant with the latest platforms and therefore could not always be seen by her clients.  I did not fully design this site, however, my role was more at a consulting level.  Guiding her through the process of updating her design, and providing asset creation.

One of the main contribution I made to this project was to clean up some of Kristin’s project photos.  Her work is visual and therefore must be represented in the cleanest manner possible.  I edited several photos and made the necessary adjustments for the assets to stand out when necessary.

The final result has been an increase in traffic to her site and helped get her name out to a new clients.  This project is an ongoing effort as we continue to work together in building her brand.  Check out some Design Mockups I am creating for her and stay tuned for more updates.


Perhaps the most enlightening experience is to photo a person one-on-one.  My sessions range from professional shots to personal exploration of form.  I try to capture the lines of the subject in a flattering manner while maintaining the creative direction of the composition.

No lying about it, I use the excuse of taking pictures to meet new people.  If I see a unique “character” out and about I have no problems asking to take their photo.


For the past few year I have enjoyed the opportunity to shoot many climbers pulling hard on some southern sandstone. These are a few of my picks that I really enjoy. Several of my shots have been featured in local magazines and guide books. Let me know about your next adventure to crush, I would love the opportunity to capture the send.

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I love to travel! No matter where my adventures take me I try to take a moment out from the scheduled activities to capture the beauty of the area.  This is some of my favorite form of photography because it allows me to work with an organic subject that is constantly changing, and yet remains constant throughout.

Most of my landscape assets are used as stock photography.  I specialize in areas around the Southeastern United States, however expect to see places from all over the world in my portfolio.  If your looking for a particular shot or want to see more of my landscapes, view them here:

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